Yes!  We provide Church Services Live Online

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Yes !!! You Can join the Church Service of
the Holy Spirit Church of Miracles and Healing,
and you can join the Church Service LIVE in your own home !!!

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1. Take a glass of water, ideally room temperature or coming directly from the faucet,
2. taste this water,
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4. Say your Lord's prayer.
5. And now taste the water again !!!
It is obvious that God has turned this ordinary water into Miracle Water and you certainly can taste the difference !!!
Most importantly, as I said already, you can ask for your miracle card, get it emailed in a few minutes, and then simply print it or set it up as a wallpaper on your smartphone, and then you have proof
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You can Video-Call NOW and skype-talk with a Preacher who is going to help you!
Skype Address: gods.miracles

You can also contact us by e-mail for help and you can also learn more about the Missionary Program of the Holy Spirit Church (HSC) of Miracles and Healing - but first, get this your evidence of the Miracle Water:  the evidence that God gives to all who have Faith !!! Click Here to email us !!!

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Holy Spirit Church
We are God's Church of Miracles and Healing!

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All you need to do to be successful is click here to participate and to experience Your Miracle of Water, and - most importantly - with faith and prayer you can experience a wealth of Miracles, which God provided for you since the beginning of time!  Join us Every Sunday at 12 noon Eastern Time (USA) and experience Your Miracles right there during worship !!!

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(1) Print out the Miracle Card that you receive in your email, or simply put this card as a background on your smart phone, turning your smartphone into your personal miracle smartphone
(2) get some good water, which ideally should be room temperature and taste the water before continuing,
(3) then put it on to the Miracle Card or next to your Miracle Smartphone with the miracle card as a wallpaper, pray the Lord's prayer, aloud or silently, take the glass of water off the card or remove it from the smartphone and then taste again !!! -- and you can have this exciting first experience of miracles !!!
  You can feel the miracle card on your miracle smartphone, even when the wallpaper is not visible there.

I am certain that already this miraculous change in taste will surprise you, and although this may be the greatestok  surprise in your life to this point in time, this is just a very small beginning for a lot more, and this experience also will be absolute proof for you of the infinite Power of God, as it has been for many others before you!  Most importantly, all of this is extremely easy to perform, because we do not need to send you holy water in small or big bottles as many others have to do ...
This is so, because with God's Help we can provide you with the opportunity to make your own Water of Miracles and Healing whenever you feel deep down that there is a need to do so, and all it takes is FAITH: YOUR FAITH !!!
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Turn Your Smartphone into a Miracle Smartphone Now!

Yes !!!  Now You can get your miracle card as a .jpg file and set it up as a wallpaper on your smartphone, and this way you can turn your smartphone into an effective miracle phone!

All it takes is ask for your miracle card and download it into your smartphone, then set it up as a wallpaper !!!

Put water next to your smartphone - say your prayer, and within less than a minute you have miracle water with its great taste, which miraculously is different from the taste the water had before!  Very impressive to many of those doubting Thomasses, and convincing them to take a path of faith! 


I am certain that you know the story of the Apostle Thomas:
The Apostle Thomas did not quite believe that Jesus has risen from the dead. Therefore, Jesus in His Infinite Grace allowed Thomas, His Apostle, to lay his hand into the wound on His side.
Can you get the meaning of this part of the scriptures?  God provides evidence to every person who is ready and willing to accept it!

By now God extends His Infinite Grace to all the doubting Thomasses in the world, and He certainly includes you into His Grace, with
The Water of Miracles and Healing!

Whether or not you are one of the doubting Thomasses (in some way we all are a bit of that, or we have been in the past!), you can actually feel the power of God in His Water of Miracles and Healing!

This truly marvelous Water of Miracles and Healing is God's sign for all
who have eyes to see, who have ears to hear, and who have hands to feel!

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First Feel !

Hold the center of your palm about 1- 2 inches (3 - 5 cm) above your Miracle Card or your smartphone with a miracle-card wallpaper.
You can feel HIS power either as a gentle warmth, as a gentle cool breeze, or as a slight tingling ...
"To the king David God did not show himself as a storm, but as a gentle wind!"

Then tell God your desires !!!
Now you certainly are aware of HIS Power and Grace !!!
Feel  the Warmth of the Grace of God streaming abundantly from this powerful tool of faith, which God showed me long ago, and which he told me to pass on to all who are willing and worthy to be missionaries of Faith, and by way of this amazing CREDIT CARD OF YOUR FAITH IN GOD, which represents the ultimate wealth and power of your faith, God showers upon you His love, His blessings, and His miracles, just in the same way as He showered His love, His blessings and His miracles upon Thomas, the doubting apostle and all others who truly believed in Him and who were spreading His word and scriptures !!!

And now, to make Your Water of Miracles again, over and over again, continue as follows!

First of all, take a glass of water, ideally good drinking water, taste it first and then put it on top of this extremely powerful "Credit Card" of your Faith in God.  Then pray the Lord's prayer, and after this you can take the glass off the Miracle Card and taste the water again!  And again you will be surprised, very surprised!

Now it certainly is time for you to shout out your wish, to shout out your desires for healing, to shout out your desires for beneficial changes, to shout out your desires for security, to shout out your desires for protection, to shout out your desires for prosperity and blessings, to shout out your desires for good relationships and for a good family life, and to shout out your deepest desire for unconditional faith:  Simply tell God what you desire deep down, ask Him for His Help, and then drink the rest of the water.  Make as much water as you wish!  It is going to last for a very long time!

When drinking the Water of Miracles and Healing, let the Power of God run through your body and be embraced by His Power and by all the Warmth of His Love !!!

Drinking the blessed Water of Miracles and Healing
is experience of the Power of God !!!
Of course you should also help others the same way by shouting out their desires, allow them to drink the Water of Miracles and Healing, and they too can have this exciting experience of the Power and Grace of God as He is going to help them !!!
Introduce them to the Miracle Card !!! 

And By Now I am certain that You Believe !!!

By now you know that Jesus loves you and that He will shower His Grace upon you!

Now, after your doubts have been cleared for good, be aware that there are many more opportunities for you !!!   In fact, these exciting opportunities are BIG OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOU:  Opportunities which can secure your future as a missionary of faith:  Attract people to the church of your choosing, having also the added capability to prove the power of God to your fellow human beings by helping them with miracles !!!
One you have your Miracle Card, you can take Your Next step towards your miracle of Faith: Learn more about the Missionary Program of God's Church of Miracles and Healing and you can be a Missionary for the Church of YOUR CHOICE !!!

Contact us by e-mail to find out about online Miracle Church Services and about
the Missionary Program of the Holy Spirit Church (HSC) 770 309-3176
or call us on skype for a direct live video call with one of our Miracle Ministers who is going to help you !!!
Our Skype Address:  gods.miracles

Yes!  You have the opportunity to get your Miracle card for FREE whenever you are going to contact us and ask for it, and it will be active for as long as you spread the word and introduce others to this FREE Miracle Water:  2 of your friends and acquaintances every month, help them with Your Card of Miracles and Healing, tell them about this web site and how to get their own card of miracles and be sure to send us an e-mail with your feed-back !!!
Now that's extremely easy to do! 

And Yes !!!  You certainly can be a missionary of Faith and much more - and this is a great opportunity for you to gain financial independence and at the same time spread the word as a missionary!
Click here and read on - find out about out the advanced missionary program!

Again: God wants You to experience evidence of His Power NOW !!!
Click Here and get your Miracle Card NOW !!!
And God wants You to Spread the Word
and Invite Others to get direct Evidence of His Power !!!

We love to get your feedback about your experiences
with your miracle card and miracle wallpaper !!!
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Yes !!! We are expanding world wide ...
For all persons who like to spread the Word, there is a great opportunity !!!
You can preach online and at the same time you can then
set up your own congregation, locally and world wide !!!
Click here to email us for more information!

Click Here and ask for God's Help to Win the Lottery

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God helped me! 
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